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Who we are

Michael Benz

At cynkra, we specialize in data science and R development, rooted in Zurich. Our team thrives on practical innovation, solving real-world problems with data. We value direct communication, practical solutions, and a team-oriented approach in everything we do.

We're on the lookout for individuals who are ready to tackle challenges and grow with us. If you're interested in applying practical skills in data science and R, we're interested in talking to you.

Why join us?

Meaningful Work

Your efforts directly contribute to projects that matter, offering clear value to our clients and the community.

Learning and Growth

We support your professional development through practical experience, peer learning, and access to resources to keep you updated in the field.


We understand the importance of flexibility and offer arrangements that help you balance your work and personal life effectively.

Matt Foxx
Markus Spiske
Cristina Gottardi

Why are you part of the cynkra family?

cynkra has a large network of clients, exposing you to a diverse range of projects in different sectors, keeping work varied and interesting. We have a supportive culture, allowing you to explore different avenues of work, from pro-bono to open-source.



cynkra prioritizes a secure and supportive work environment, emphasising employee well-being. The approachability of colleagues at Cynkra nurtures a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, which has played a significant role in my professional growth. I am proud to be a part of such a team.



cynkra is a family-sized team comprising individuals from a diverse range of nationalities, all of whom are highly skilled experts in their respective fields. Furthermore, cynkra encourages strong open-source contributions and offers a highly flexible working model, making it an attractive option for those seeking a family-friendly employer.


Are you ready?

We're looking forward to seeing what you can bring to cynkra and receiving your unsolicited application!

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